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 American Made Sneaker Laces


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We bought purple shoelaces to match a new pair of shoes. They are perfect. Not only do they match and bring out the shoes' colors, but they are great quality and they even stay tied! The color is super bright and beautiful.

Yellow Shoelaces
Josh West
Good laces

Nice ass color and good material

Neon Pink Shoelaces
Kaley Sizemore
Not the color I wanted

I ordered the pink shoelaces but they were not the color I was needing they looked a lot brighter in the picture online

We are sorry this color did not meet your expectations. Please reach out to us at returns@lacethegame.com if you would like to start a return or visit https://lacethegame.com/a/returns

Great quality black laces.

I didn’t think the quality would be this good based on previous laces that I purchased from this website in past years but I’ve noticed everything is different now maybe they are under new management or they just got a good quality laces now but these lasted laces are on point. 5 STARS…highly recommend Lace The Game!!!!!!!!

Teal Shoelaces
Apryl Martin
Great color

Great laces and fast shipping!!

Nice fat laces

Great quality laces.

Mostly Great

Lace the Game was a good find. Thank you, Bing! Ordering was easy. Pricing was fair. Got them by mail in good order and timely. Signed up for notifications, but I got the package before I got the notifications. With a less efficient postman, would probably have got the notification in time to watch the mailbox. Only complaint that I have is the limited availability of laces other than white. Grateful that they carry white in both 45 and 54 inch lengths. Would immediately order grey and tan (or light gold) in either of those sizes, too. Maybe later I will check again, unless I find them elsewhere.

Brown Shoelaces
Todd Pietrzak

Perfect, definitely recommend.


Put them on my pair of Nike Waffle One Toasty and they POP...!

Orange Shoelaces
Rodrigo Palomino
They look great...!

I've got a pair of Patta x Air Max 1 Rush Maroon and they POP with these laces...!

Neon Pink Shoelaces
Kathleen Miller

I bought three pair of shoe laces and I am happy with all three. The length is just right (I love the flat laces) and the colors are beautiful.

Gold Athletic Shoelaces
Winsor Harrell

Very much like them

Lavender Shoelaces
Kathleen Miller
Lovely Laces

I love that they are the perfect length so that I don’t have to double knot them which makes it a hassle when taking the shoes off! They are nice and flat which keep them snug (not slipping). I am happy with them

Brown Shoelaces
Sharon Laws
Good laces

Good quality. Spouse was happy to have laces for his favorite shoes. Could NOT find this quality locally.

Exactly what I asked for

I found this website from my search for some thicker flat laces. These were perfect. Exactly what I asked for. Would definitely order again from this company!

Purple Haze Shoelaces
graciela ramirez
Great color

Perfect match


Great quality

Neon Orange

Good product, fast service, fair price. Laces delivered within days. Thanks.

Great laces

I love the laces, vibrant colors

Great job!

Royal Blue Shoelaces
Joseph Bruce

I'm happy as long as they were not made in China

Lavender Shoelaces
marvin reed
Fire laces

Awesome laces, love the color


Just what I want


Very bright color, good quality.

Black Athletic Shoelaces
Lisa Shey-Mccallister

Black Athletic Shoelaces